Loss Adjuster

We have specialists in the preparation of expert reports of both a judicial and extrajudicial nature at the service of any citizen.


Unfortunately, it is very common to have some kind of accident or loss (robbery, fire, water leaks…) in our homes. We normally trust in Insurance Companies to feel we are secure in the eventuality that something goes wrong.

But what happens when they do not respond as expected?

Or what happens if we do not have an insurance policy?

Or when the loss is caused by an installer, to whom we have relied the refurbishing of our homes?

The answer is right here.

The Target

You don’t have to sit back and accept whatever the Insurance Companies tell you, we can provide you with a second expert opinion.


In our experience over 15 years in the private sector collaborating with several of the most important insurance companies, we are able to act as a defence expert in any of the contingencies we mentioned above.


If an incident occurs in your home, business or community of neighbours, and we understand that we have not been compensated correctly for any damages as appropriate, rely on our management as defence experts.


We defend the right things.




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